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Discussion Questions computer science

________________________________________ Week 7: Discussion Questions When posting a response/solution, create a meaningful title for your post, so other students can identify which question/exercise you are referring to. The titles of your contributions are important to keep our conversation threads clear. Students revising responses/solutions should do it in a meaningful way: providing useful comments, changes and/or

Smart learning literature review

 Contents 2.0 Introduction. 1 2.1Theoritical framework. 1 2.1.0 Technological revolution as a focal aspect of communication in smart learning. 1 2.1.1 The Internet of things (IoT) – a linkage of wireless technological devices. 2 2.1.2 The combined Impact of the Internet of Things, the use of robots, and Artificial Intelligence on Productivity in various learning

Nursing dissertation on systematic literature review, NEEDLE STICK INJURY ARTICLE

-this assignment need to choose 10 articles to do systematic review – the articles must not use the systematic review and meta analysis articles focussed literature review, involving comprehensive discussion and evaluation of the evidence related to a relevant topic. (Relevance = in relation to either health, complementary therapies or social care, The literature selected

policy paper

A New Kind of Information Warfare? Consider a case. Country A wants certain politicians in Country B to lose the forthcoming election. To achieve this goal, it uses its intelligence and military to launch a series of publications into the cyberspace of Country B. These publications falsely accuse the candidates of bribery, theft, infidelity, and

CASE STUDY: FirstSolutions

LuxDrive: Story of a merger On August 17, 2017, Drive and LuxAuto shareholders approved the largest corporate merger in history. After months of talks, Mathias E. Richter, chairman of the German-based LuxAuto management board, and John J. West, chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of the US-based Drive Corporation, were now preparing for the October,

B2B content writing (tech topics)

We are planning to launch a Guest Post Campaign, publishing articles on some of the top IT industry blogs, like , , , or other similar top-tier ones. Basic requirements are: – The first topic: The Intersection Of AI/ML and Cybersecurity, but you need to suggest your own title of the article

Essay writing

You are required to write an essay of 2000 words. Please choose one essay question from the three listed below: Question 1: Former United Nations Secretary- General Ban Ki-Moon said “……Removing the barriers that keep women and girls on the margins of economic, social, cultural, and political life must be a top priority for us

A Systematic review of e-government global trends, challenges, and opportunities

Title A Systematic review of e-government global trends, challenges, and opportunities Abstract E-government utilization is essential for nations to stay competitive in the globalized 21st-century economy. Every government today has full confidence in e-government, and its significance is established by make citizens’ lives better and improve government processes.  Despite the overall opportunities and advantages of