Getting Through COVID-19: The Pandemic’s Impact on the Psychology of Sustainability, Quality of Life, and the Global Economy

Abstract The COVOD-19 pandemic may affect the globe severely in terms of quality of life, sustainable development with its political, environmental, and economic aspects, and the global economy. Its impact is attested to by the number of research studies on it. It. The main aim of this study is to evaluate the impact of COVID-19

Cyber Security: Sanctions and Impacts of unauthorized access as Stipulated in Saudi Law

Cyber Security Abstract Cybersecurity plays a vital role in technology, process, and protection of networks, data from attacks, damages, and programs. Cybersecurity is highly used in military, government, corporate, medical organizations, and stores in storing data on devices such as computers. Moreover, the development of cybersecurity has a significant portion of data management and storage,

Study of tomography and pore scale of Carbon dioxide enhanced oil recover -research paper

Abstract Carbon dioxide (CO2) upgraded oil recuperation is a green and promising approach to create oil and lessen the fast development of carbon dioxide delivered to air. A pore-scale comprehension of CO2 relocation wonders is imperative to upgrade oil recuperation in permeable media. In this work, a direct numerical reproduction strategy is utilized to examine

Best persuasive essay topics for you

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Best Computer Science Assignment Help

Like any other course at University level, IT students always come across several assignments before gowning themselves as graduates, and these assignments are inevitable. Computer science covers a wide area of learning and one needs to specialize in one. Therefore, your professor or tutor may decide to give you a task on programming, web designing,

How to Write a Good Research Paper

  Are you there stranded on how to write a good research paper? Well, you need not worry any more. In this manuscript, we have well-detailed information and guidelines to follow when writing a good research topic. What is a Research Topic? A research topic is a question that a researcher has an interest in, which

expertise to the group as determined by the SFIA assessment by developing a component of a system that can stand alone or be integrated to form a complete system.

  Assessment 2 Requirements 800 words per member   3 ten credible references must be used and these must be from referred academic (scholarly) journals (within last 5 years).   The purpose of Assessment 2 is to give students the opportunity to experience and to demonstrate their capabilities relevant to, essential aspects of the work

Forest Point Construction (System Planning)

Please use Template Attached Your essays will be graded on content to include grammar and spelling.  The essay answers for both 2 and 3 should be 500 to 700 words each in order to completely answer the questions. Please submit as one document. You must use attached template. Assignment: 1.(30)  Forest Point Construction (System Planning) At Forest